The Celtic Spirit School of Irish Dance is the only certified Irish Dance school in Southwest Florida, registered through Ireland’s An Comhdháil na Múinteoirí le Rincí Gaelacha Teoranta. Claire Gorman holds the title TCRG, allowing our students to compete in nationally and internationally recognized competitions.  Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly; you may visit the “Contact” page for information.


What is Irish Dancing?

Irish Dance combines soft shoe and hard shoe steps to provide a fun, great way to exercise and experience this unique style of dance.  This cultural dance took a modern turn in the 18th century when “Dance Masters” began teaching elaborate step dances.  Irish step dance is showcased at competitions entitled feis (“fesh”).  Feisianna began in the 9th century with local gatherings to display music, art, and dancing.

Today, Irish Step Dancing has been passed down from generations to generations throughout the Irish culture. It has progressed into a global phenomenon, made popular through performances such as Lord of the Dance and Riverdance. Irish Dancing teaches discipline, form, rhythm, stamina, endurance, and physical technique. Students gain confidence and ability as they have fun learning and performing this exciting cultural dance.



What should my dancer wear to class?

Students should wear comfortable and loose fitting athletic shorts along with the uniform Celtic Spirit t-shirt.  Bubble or Poodle socks and dance shoes are also considered part of the uniform. If this is your first class do not worry, you may dance in a pair of socks. A water bottle is also highly recommended.  But remember, the most important thing to bring to class is a positive attitude and a smile.



Why Celtic Spirit?

We have a saying in our dance classes ���one sound, one family, one Celtic Spirit.” Celtic Spirit truly is a family of dancers. Our goal it to create a community where students support one another and rejoice in each other’s successes. While dancers will ultimately compete alone, dancers perform and practice together; Celtic Spirit is still a team that rises and falls as one.




Do all dancers have to compete?

We firmly believe that it should be up to the dancer and family to decide if competition is right for them. No student is required to compete or perform. We will happily teach students who are looking to dance just for fun, exercise, or to learn about this Irish tradition.


What is the TCRG?

The TCRG is an elite dance certification issued through the governing bodies of Irish dance. It includes a strenuous exam testing knowledge of traditional music, set dances, ceili dances, dancing abilities, assessment of dancers’ abilities, and teaching skills. Claire proudly has her TCRG certification.

What is your favorite performance?

The dancers’ favorite performances are always the Naples and Marco Island St. Patrick’s Day parades. Each year, Celtic Spirit can be seen making our way down the parade route on a large float. These parades are a family activity as we invite parents and siblings to join walking along side the float. Dancers, parents, and of course teachers always have lots of fun.